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Need a Custom Abrasives Solution?

Scour Pads will work with you to design, produce and implement specialized metalworking abrasives. We'll work with you towards all your metal abrasive solutions. Does your manufacturing plant, body shop, machine shop or metal fabrication shop depend on metal grinding and polishing? Scour Pads offers a broad range of coated abrasive materials for most metalworking applications. Scour Pads can custom build sanding belts, sanding discs and sheets. Scour Pads also offers a full line of fibre sanding discs, cutting discs, flap discs, grinding wheels and non woven abrasives. Need a high quality, dependable supply of pads for your angle grinder, orbital sander and polisher or well made grinding wheels and wire brushes? Scour Pads has a solution.

Wide Sanding Belts

Scour Pads manufactures high quality wide sanding belts for metal working applications. Wide Sanding Belts can be used for heavy stock removal as well as polishing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Narrow Sanding Belts

Narrow sanding belts come in a variety of backings and materials. Narrow sanding belts range from the stiffest backings for stock removal to extra flexible for contoured profiles.

Sanding Discs

Scour Pads sanding discs includes a wide assortment of styles in many sizes, grits and backing systems. Sanding discs have an excellent abrasive life and a high quality finish for various metal grinding and polishing applications.

Sanding Sheets

Scour Pads sanding sheets can be ordered to fit most hand sanding applications.

Hand-held Sanding Machines

Scour Pads offers a wide range of backup pads and holders, angle grinder pads, sander polisher pads, polishing and buffing foams, stone finishing pads and handheld and spindle pads.

Specialty Industrial Abrasives

From abrasive flap discs to cut-off wheels to spiral bands and abrasive fibre discs, Scour Pads has everything you need for your unique metalworking needs.