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Sample polishing process on stainless steel

It is equally important to understand there are no short cuts. Each step removes the scratch from the previous step. If you do not remove the depth of the earlier step, you will certainly achieve a polish, but you will see underlying scratches.

Step 1 - Surface Finishing

Finish surface of metal equal to or finer than a P240 belt finish

Step 2 - Removal of sanding marks

Narrow sanding belts come in a variety of backings and materials. Narrow sanding belts range from the stiffest backings for stock removal to extra flexible for contoured profiles.

Step 3 - Pre-polishing

Apply Hyperfin / Multishine compound by way of a Rag stitch mop

Step 4 - Finishing

Finish with Greenchrome compound on a "B" or Swansdown mop

Step 5 - Mirror Finishing

Scour Pads offers a wide range of backup pads and holders, angle grinder pads, sander polisher pads, polishing and buffing foams, stone finishing pads and handheld and spindle pads.